Ok I’m starting this year-long diet today. I just need to do it for a year to see how I feel at the end and what it teaches me. It is not to lose weight!!! It’s just for the experience and be able to say I did it. I will try to post what I eat daily, but we’ll see how that goes. Sorry if you couldn’t care less, but this is just an easy way to keep me motivated. :)

I cannot eat cereals, dairy, any form of sweets (candies, mints, baked goods), chips, crackers, fried food, white bread or pasta. Basically, no refined carbs or sugar. 

Also I will wake up at 6am every school morning to go on a 3 mile run and strength training at gym. This part is really important because I never work out - too tired. This will help me get to bed earlier and overall be more productive. 

Started today August 26, 2014.


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